Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MechWarrior Tactics Concept Art

Rather than just posting the finished piece I thought I should show the process of how I got there. Some were easy, some like the Atlas went through a lot of changes.

Atlas and Hunchback were two of the first redesigns that I had to work on. You can see in the early sketches I was going far away from the original 80s designs... then I was slapped around until I got it right. YAY!

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P.S. I know the weapons are not correct. Almost all the mechs were designed way before I got to work on weapons. I'll post the weapons designs later. Woot!


  1. Do you sell any of your art? Or prints of it? My son is a huge fan of Mech Warrior and I can't find anything to use for room decor. I would love to have some of this framed to give him for his upcoming 13th birthday. Please let me know.

  2. Unfortunately selling prints of these pieces is a grey area since I don't technically own the art and I no longer work with those in charge to ask for permission. Mech Warrior's website or one of the fan sites might have prints or posters for sale. Hopefully you can find something that works!