Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dragon Booster concept art... Abandonn and Tyranis Pax!!!

I had a vision for Abandonn that was luckily well received by the show creators so I didn't have to do a bunch of different versions.

Another Dragon I liked designing was Tyranis Pax. I didn't get to do the final cleaned up art, that was done by the awesome EdisonYan ( )

Kevin's input turned an 'ok' design into an awesome design.


  1. Absolutely stunning. Abandonn looks quite impressive, especially with that intricate striped pattern and somewhat sinister, yet calm expression on his muzzle. Brilliant!
    As for Tyrranis Pax, it is a very interesting design evolution, and the final version of this dragon surely has an unusual touch from all the artists who worked on him.

  2. Oh man, these were my favourite designs of the entire series. I remember watching the two-parter finale and seeing these colossal titans duke it out. It's fascinating to see how they developed especially Tyrranis Pax, every tiny detail creating such a beautiful creation.