Monday, October 27, 2014

Dragon Booster: Dragon City's Security forces

Memory fails me again... I really should rewatch the series but anywho I think this was the first pass at the Dragon City security forces

Here it is reworked looking more police-ish paired with the police dragon

You can't have a police force without a captain... Captain Faer! I don't have the color version, just the cleaned up pencil work. 

So what is that thing on the dragons back? Here's a quick sketch to explain as I no longer have the original art. It was designed to hold a prisoner! Sadly it was never used in that way in the series.


  1. I always wondered, what exactly are those devices placed on a police dragon's back and do they serve any purpose?
    Awesome stuff, as always!

  2. Check out the update. Bet you didn't guess that was the answer.

  3. Actually, you are right - my friend guessed the anwer as soon as he saw this device in the series, but I was still unconvinced until you posted this image. That's true - it'd be awesome to see this thing being used by DC Security!
    Anyway, thanks a lot for an answer and udpate!