Thursday, August 27, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Speed Racer Part 4: The Cars!!!

This was the assignment that I was the most excited to do. I started redesigning the Mach 5 first and took it in crazy futuristic directions. It was a lot of fun for a bunch of days (spread over a couple of weeks) but nothing I desgined really clicked or looked as iconic. Not a problem as feedback and bouncing ideas off others produces an awesome result. 

I was told to tone it down so I did.

Still not what they were looking for so the had their internal artist send these... 

I don't think they liked me tweaking their design because they eventually sent this...

Okay... so they wanted to stick to their version of the Mach 6. I will at least get to design the other vehicles right?? Like Racer X's Shooting Star?

Wrong again!

Well then, I'll at least get to design the less important vehicles right?

I was soooo naive

double sigh

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Speed Racer Part 3.... The other characters that went through a couple of changes

 These are the last of the characters that got multiple versions. Yay...

I'm pretty sure I ripped off the poses and art style for these next couple of characters. If I remember correctly I was pushing for an anime style but I couldn't come up with my own version. Megaman Battle Network I think was the source. It was a wasted effort. Yay! 

Those Megaman art books made by Udon are awesome. Buy them.   

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Speed Racer Part 2: Speed and Racer X

It's actually their kids and not the real Speed Racer and Racer X. The show was a sequel and a reboot. Once again I had fun while designing the characters but as each design progressed any fun dissipated and what was left was just a mild reworking of the design they ended up sending to us. 

This is how artistic souls get crushed

and the final versions of each with comparisons to the art handed to us 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Speed Racer... the version you'll never see. Part 1

 Way back in 2006/2007, Nerd Corps was hired to do the animation duties on a brand new version of Speed Racer. The rights owners hired a company called The Animation Collective to handle the writing and to oversee the project. T.A.C. had an internal artist who did a bunch of initial design work but the higher-ups at Nerd Corps wanted to put their signature style into the project instead.

Here's a quick comparison of the design work. The character line-up from The Animation Collective's design pack.

...and here are my redesigns

Those were the final designs of the characters I did before the project was taken away from Nerd Corps and passed on to some flash animation studio. You can see episodes or trailers on Youtube for the show, but don't bother it's not good. Not sure about the business side of things as I wasn't privy to any of that info, I'm going to take a wild guess and say they want to keep costs down and did the show in Flash.

In the beginning... the decision was made to do an animation test with a character to show the level of quality we would do for the series. First step was to redesign the characters starting with the twins Jesse and Jared as it would kill two birds with one stone.

Here's the final approved Jesse design with T.A.C.s design for comparison

In the end they forced to stay as close as possible to the design they sent us. It was frustrating as I really like the first two versions I did. They were lively and stylized.

Here's the design saga known as Jesse. Watch as the fun style is slowly removed...

 ...and Jared 

Just a quick note, having Jared wear a trench coat would have caused a lot of problems in animation with crashing so I made it a regular jacket. End of Part 1