Monday, August 24, 2015

Speed Racer Part 4: The Cars!!!

This was the assignment that I was the most excited to do. I started redesigning the Mach 5 first and took it in crazy futuristic directions. It was a lot of fun for a bunch of days (spread over a couple of weeks) but nothing I desgined really clicked or looked as iconic. Not a problem as feedback and bouncing ideas off others produces an awesome result. 

I was told to tone it down so I did.

Still not what they were looking for so the had their internal artist send these... 

I don't think they liked me tweaking their design because they eventually sent this...

Okay... so they wanted to stick to their version of the Mach 6. I will at least get to design the other vehicles right?? Like Racer X's Shooting Star?

Wrong again!

Well then, I'll at least get to design the less important vehicles right?

I was soooo naive

double sigh

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